Legosi voice actor beastars

In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescences of Cherryton Academy, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness. The main character is Legosi the wolf, a member of the drama club.

Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle.

But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly. Source Batoto. Fan Wiki Link. Legosi's voice actor for the anime self.

What do you think about this casting choice? This is Ranga, for those who haven't watched that anime. Edit: I'm aware that more people may be familiar with his role as Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy, but I just thought I'd use this example because I find it interesting they got a voice actor who has experience voicing a wolf. I love it and the manga and the novels.

If you're into manga, I highly recommend reading the manga from the beginning since it does a few things differently from the anime. The anime also cut out an entire arc. I love the voice choices, but I think it should be a little high pitched, to highlight the fact that he's a naive teenager Also, it was stated that Legosi has a gravely voice in the manga, but It doesn't matter if he doesn't have it, the point is he's voiced by a talented person.

I feel like in Golden Kamuy as Sugimoto he has a deeper, serious voice, but as Ranga in Slime, he usually speaks in a more lighter, playful tone. I think he's capable of a wide range. Itagaki actually posted about it too a few days ago, she said she heard Legoshi's voice for the first time in the sense she heard the finished product and possibly to the animation and put a smile emoji. She seemed happy! I found it funny that got another wolf guy to voice Legosi. It's a recent one too. I think it aired in the same season with slime.

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Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Type: TV. Premiered: Fall Licensors: None found, add some. Studios: Orange. Score: 8. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Add character. Add staff. More Top Airing Anime 1 Haikyuu!! Add Detailed Info. Haru Main. Senbongi, Sayaka Japanese. Miller, Lara Jill English.

Franceschetti, Giulia Italian. Bauer, Alice German. Porto, Luiza Brazilian. Legoshi Main. Kobayashi, Chikahiro Japanese. Scott, Jonah English.

Legosi voice actor beastars

Meli, Manuel Italian. Kluckert, Fabian German. Louis Main. Ono, Yuuki Japanese. Puatu, Griffin English. Aquilone, Flavio Italian. Zilse, Felipe Brazilian.

Aoba Supporting.The new character will be a Dall sheep. A graphic of the same has been released by the makers of the show. Beastars is a manga series written by Paru Itagaki. The story of the show is set in a modernized and civilized world in which there us a cultural division between carnivores and herbivores.

The show belongs to the coming-of-age and fantasy genre. It is also episodic in the Weekly Shonen Champion magazine. A new character is joining the cast of Beastars now. A new character will be joining the cast of the show in Season 2. The name of this character is Pina.

It is a male Dall sheep. A Dall sheep is a large white wild sheep found typically in Alaska and British Columbia. The makers have announced the name of voice over actor for the character along with a portrait of the character.

The Orange Animation Studio tweeted the art of the new member on its twitter handle. It stated how Pina will be joining the other animals along with Legosi at the Cherryton Academy. Yuki Kaji, a Japanese voice over artist will be giving voice to Pina. It is cited that Kaji was a long-time Beastars.

He was a follower of the show even before the animated adaptation was announced. However, the voice actor for English Dub has not been selected and announced yet. The portrait of Pina shows large and longhorns with a cocky carriage.

legosi voice actor beastars

The manga version of the show showed Pina as a part of the school drama club along with Legosi and Louis. Further, he is popular and has a good reputation among students. The second season is anticipated to release in Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The Long Furby Came In...

Nishtha Dixit. Add Comment. You may also like. Know the seasons 2 days ago. About the author. View All Posts. Click here to post a comment. Comment Share This! Cast, Plot Latest Updates.He serves as the main antagonist of the Drama Club arc. Later, he's a side character. Bill is a Bengal tiger with a larger carnivore build.

He has been seen wearing a school uniform, as well as different costumes for his performances in the drama club, as he has also been seen wearing casual clothes when not on school grounds and outside of school hours. He is presented as a friendly, outgoing and confident classmate. He also actively cares about others around him, especially to his herbivore friends.

Feeling proud of being born as a tiger, Bill always take the initiative to protect others when needed. However, he secretly feels great anxiety deep down. He doesn't want to show anyone about his weak side, even to his closest friend Aoba. When Louis went missing, he leaked to Aoba that without Louis dominating and controlling all situations, he felt like a villain for being born as a carnivore as well as consuming meat from the back alley market, which for Bill, is a sign of growing up and steeping into adult society.

However, after noticing Aoba's shocked expression, he immediately said he was joking about what he had said. He wanted carnivores to shine in the light as much as herbivores. Never one to back down from a challenge, he won't think twice about getting dirty in a scuffle with another carnivore.

There are times when Bill has an antagonistic relationship with Legoshi. Given how it was mentioned by Louis that these two carnivores are polar opposites.

Not only in behavior but at the time how they view the world around them in certain situations. While the carnivores did make an effort to tolerate each other or at least as much as possible. They also have their moments where they argue from time to time to the point that the entire drama club is aware of their hostility towards each other.

Mostly with Bill being the offender on these occasions by taunting Legoshi. During the time, Bill is portrayed as a head-strong, ruthless character. However, he has a basic understanding of what is right or wrong, as he acknowledged Legoshi's impulsive act on stage as a sign of justice. Nonetheless, Bill does not agree with Legoshi's point of view as well as his actions, and told him to accept his fate as a carnivore.

Bill is also portrayed to be more "mature" in his state of mind, as he is more readily and willing to accept the society's dark secrets. This may be due to his encounter with punks in the back alley, and get influenced by them along the way. His view about the world around him is also very different as compared to Legoshi's, being more honest to the world's unpleasant side. He told Legoshi to "grow up" and accept the truth behind the calm and composed expressions of adult carnivores on the streets, which the reason is all because of the presence of the back alley market where they can get the meat from.

He is also the first one who noticed this dangerous side of the world. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.An affable she-wolf, she wishes to become the next Beastarcompeting against Louis. Juno is a gray wolf, with long and curly fur, making her look different from a typical wolf. She has been seen wearing different dresses throughout the series, such as her school uniform which is composed of a white dress and a bow tie around the collar. During the practices of the drama club she usually wears a white shirt and red shorts.

During the presentation of the Meteor FestivalJuno wore a very stylized ball gown, made up of a long sleeveless dress with chains on the left side, the skirt has the right side with ruffles and the left side with a line pattern, a headdress of feathers with a veil, a choker and chains on the left thigh, plus party makeup on the face.

Casual outfits usually consist of long-sleeved blouses and knee-length skirts, in addition to low-heeled shoes. Juno is quite social and is shown to treat all animals with kindness. She is described as having a natural charisma. However, she has also shown to be a very ambitious person, and showed a completely different side to her usually perky self towards Louis, whom she intimidated. She is very idealistic and believes in creating a better world for carnivores where they are praised for their true strength instead of being feared.

Juno can be quite jealous possessive and would do anything it takes to be the next Beastar and to claim Legoshi for herself.

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Beastars (2019)

Start a Wiki. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Legoshi 1 Louis 2 Haru. Universal Conquest Wiki.The following article contains information that may be of great importance in the series, read at your own risk.

Beastars Debuts Voice Actor Pina’s New Character in Beastars Season 2

It's always been like this. I'm used to being feared and hated. I'll survive. Though feared and misjudged by others for being a tall carnivore, he is actually quite mild-mannered, docile and awkward. Legoshi has taken it upon himself to solve the mystery of the murder of Tem and later finds out first hand the extent of the prejudices of the world he lives in. Legoshi has an imposing appearance with how tall he is and how he tends to hunch over.

Most of his body is covered by a bluish-gray fur coat while his face, neck, and chest fur have a cream color. Legoshi is most commonly seen wearing his Cherryton Academy school uniform, which in cold seasons consists of a white shirt, an indigo vest, dark gray tie, gray pants with a darker vertical line pattern, and brown loafers.

During summer, he wears a blue polo shirt, replacing the uniform shirt, vest and tie. It is later revealed that Legoshi has some slightly atypical characteristics due to his ancestry. In spite of this, he mostly resembles a common pure-blooded gray wolf, though certain features that he inherited from his grandfather such as his facial structure, eyes, and mannerisms are visible. Before becoming a teenager, Legoshi used to have large irises.

As the series progresses, Legoshi's appearance changes slightly; some changes are temporary while others are permanent. Legoshi is a soft-spoken, humble, and polite gray wolf with a kind heart and gentle personality, which contrasts his frightening appearance. He often tries to hide his more terrifying features, such as his fangs, to better acquaint himself with his herbivore peers.

Legoshi is very conscious of his own presence and often does what he can to downplay himself. This can be seen in his postures and mannerisms as he often slouches when standing or sitting. In the beginning of the series, Legoshi was an outcast who generally avoided attention and interaction with other individuals. This led to him becoming a socially awkward individual. Behind his deadpan demeanor and facade, lies a considerable amount of self-loathing.

For years, his self-awareness as a large carnivore and knowledge of his familial nature made him feel isolated from others and made him choose to keep to himself.

legosi voice actor beastars

Consequently, this made him underestimate his own value, crippling his self-esteem. Despite this, Legoshi is quite capable of being very imposing and assertive when the situation calls for it.Naohiro Ise is directing and scripting the play.

This section includes plot points and characters introduced in the manga so far, and as such does not only include bits from the anime. Licensed by Netflix, it is based on the manga of the same name which was written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki.

His eyes were drawn to Louis, as were mostly everyone else's. Take a visual walk through his career and see 7 images of the characters he's voiced. The concept of the beloved Disney Film and Beastars is relatively similar, but this sort of thing happens from time to time, even with characters between different animes. In a civilized society of anthropomorphic animals, an uneasy tension exists between carnivores and herbivores. So the official English voice actor for Legosi from beastars did a furry copypasta reading.

The characters of Beastars. Not just in this scene, but pretty much the entire show but it was really apparent this time around. Snartles no pressure!!!

legosi voice actor beastars

As a member of the school's drama club, Legosi works as a stagehand and supports the actors of the club headed by the star pupil Louis, a red deer. In that scene we find out that Louis is Legosi's senpai - he's one year older than him - and that Legosi has a lot of respect towards him, already kind of admires him. The series is largely about him coming to terms with his place in the world as a wolf. Meli, Manuel. Legosi as a Cook [toro] 2. Prideful and confident, Louis has a dream to become the next Beastar.

At Cherryton Academy, this mutual distrust peaks after a predation incident results in the death of Tem, an alpaca in the school's drama club. The series was directed by Shinichi Matsumi and aired in Japan between October 8, and December 25,consisting of 12 episodes.

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